What subject? I need a job!

Perhaps this isn't the best place to put this, but:

I have no degree or professional experience. I am interested in a job in programming, software or hardware. Dealing, assembling, writing, whatever.

I'm not interested in a "you might get money" (profit-based payment) type of job. I'm looking for experience and a way to pay my bills.

Over-the-net would be fine (kdlsnickers@jwcs.net). Actual brick-and-mortar store is also fine as long as it's in Marshall County, Alabama.

Self-taught basic (mostly Visual Basic 5) programmer.
I'll be assembling my next system from parts, but have upgraded all the other systems my family has owned (usually drives, but a few cards as well). I have successfully dismantled and re-assembled two systems.

I learn fairly quickly, as long as the knowledge is something I'll use.

Thanks for reading!

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