problem with top 20 New Message Posters

I just took a look at the new message poster's list and for the fun of it I clicked on Hicc's name to see what would load, and I got the following

Personal page of Unknown

Username: Unknown

Real name: Unknown
E-mail adress: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Company: Unknown

Personal web-site: Unknown
ICQ Unknown

Register date: 1899-12-30
Last login: 1899-12-30

Most of the fields are simply not filled in I'm sure, but I would think the username should be seen, and I'm reasonably certain that he didn't register or login in 1899...


  • Thanks for finding that bugg.

    User hicc was banned from this site because he had posted 2 nazi-flags in two replies here and that is something that we don't accept here on this site, as you might understand.

    So, the problem is that the toplists should not include mr hicc at all. I will fix that on Monday.


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