Instance of a COM Server.

I am currently working on an out process com server

using delphi. This out process com server has a set

of interfaces, with no co classes.There is one main

interface 'Imain' through which the other interfaces

can be obtained. The com client that uses this com

server will be using just one Imain interface to talk

to the com server. This Imain interface has to be

obtained from the com server which will be internally

instantiating the object and then providing the

interface to the com client.

The problem is that I just can't find a way to do this.

i.e.instantiating the object within the com server and

then passing on the interface to the com client.

One good example of this situation would be that

suppose I am developing microsoft word and when I am

working with another application, I can talk to

microsoft word com server and set certain global

properties like activedocument, without having to

instantiate microsoft word object myself. The com

server does it for me. I want the same kind of

functionality to be provided by my com server.

Any example code for the com server would be

appreciated.Please note that all my interface

implementation classes are derived from TAutoIntfObject.

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