access SQL innerjoin + where

I have a sql question. I want a query which uses 3 tables: CONTACTS, TASKS and TASKTYPES.

Each contact can have several tasks, so i think there needs to be an inner join between contacts and tasks on the field ID_Contact (that is not the problem).

There is in the table tasks a field (ID_TASKTYPE) which needs to be replaced by the [TASKTYPES].[TAKSTYPE] field of the tasktypes table whith the corresponding ID_TASKTYPE. How do i do this? Subselect or where clause?

the query should look like this:

=> Taks 1 for contact 1 with the ID_tasktype changed by the tasktype from the table TASKTYPES
=> Taks 2 for contact 1


It gets even more complicated... on the CONTACT table there is an ID_COMPANY and i have to look up the companyname in the table COMPANIES like i have to do with the tasktypes...

Hmmz... i guess this isn't so easy huh

Thanx in advance,


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