quick question about Access...

i'm working on a simple program in access '97. The program just remembers where i put my papers. i.e: On what shelf is the binder and what binder is it, and what page num in the binder did i store that particular paper.
ok, so i have a simple query that gets the paper that i'm looking for. That works fine. What i need to do is...
I have a columns labeled 'StartNum', 'NumOfPgs', 'EndNum'.
ok, what i want to do is enter the next page number in the binder onto my Access form, and then enter the number of pgs that particular document is, and then i want it to automatically give it me the 'EndNum'.
Pseudocode: StartNum + NumOfPgs = EndNum;
And, if not too difficult i would like that EndNum to be saved and when i go to input another record in the form, i want it to bring up that EndNum and add 1, and put that num in the StartNum position.
Pseudocode: EndNum++ = StartNum;
I'm very new to Access, so if anybody can help me out, i would appreciate it greatly.
Thanks in advance.

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