Need a team? Have an idea? Want a job?

To whom it may concern:

Do you like doing webpages? Do you like making games? Do you like creating programs? Are you a programmer from rookie to experienced? Do you simply have great ideas for any of the above but have no way of channeling them to creation? We're looking for you then.

Floroposoft is a new company that deals with games, pc programs, and webpage creation. We have many members with experience in a wide variety of programming fields. Currently, we're looking for work and we're also looking for more members.

For people who want to join, we're willing to provide you with your own webpage, which we'll create, and your own team. That's right, a team to get your idea going. Or, we'll put you in a team where you're most useful.

If you want work from us, we'll soon have samples of our work up and running on our page for you to see. However, we're currently doing work for a security company in the states. We're also expecting work from a real estate company soon, and negotiations are under way for other jobs. We will also provide you with your own team and share our services to help you out.

You want more info? You can go to (which will be our temporary site 'till we get a server) or you can e-mail us at: (I spelled the e-mail address different from the company name by accident  )


We look forward to hearing from you.

Spiro Floropoulos (it's greek)

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