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I'm currently developing a program where I need to assign to a TTable component a DB File which changes its name ( due to another application ).

I Know all the names that file can have but I don't know how to verify wich one it has when I run the program so I can assign it to the TableName propertie of the TTAble component.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks , Bruno Maia


  • If you have 3 possible DB files (f1.db,f2.db,f3.db) to assign to ttable component named tbl1 then try this:


    if fileexists(f1.db) then

    tbl1.tablename := f1


    if fileexists(f2.db) then

    tbl1.tablename := f2.db

    else tbl1.tablename := f3.db;


  • You have basically two possibilities:

    1. You can _try_ to open the DB file and if

    an exception occurs, you know that this

    is not the file.

    2. You can set I/O error checking to off: {$I-},

    try to open the file via AssignFile/Reset,

    and test the IOResult variable.

    If IOResult=0 then it is OK!

    I personally use the second possibility, because

    I am used to it since the good old years of

    Turbo Pascal.

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