To all the game programmers,
Hi , my name is Abhishek.
I new to graphics programming in c++ & would like to learn to develope games in c++.
I've searched the internet for a lot of demos & their souces & also other tutorials on :
file formats ( bmp, pcx etc. ) , sprites , palettes , fire effect , water effect and a lot of other stuff.
But all the tutorials I found contained either the complete source or fragments of it in asm , pascal etc.
I only know c++ (turboc or Borland c++) & hence have not been able to understand and use those codes.
If you have made some tutorials or games in c++ please mail them to me.
Also I would be greatful if you could explain what they did.
And if you could tell me some links from where I could get some cool tutorials.
Any & help is appreciated.
My e-mail address is :

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