help please!!!

Hello. My name is Abhishek. I am a GCSE student. Please answer this survey which is a part of my coursework (Design and Technology). I would appreciate it very much:

1.How often do you code / program?
2.On average, how long do you program for (when you do program)?
3.How much time do you spend on debugging your program?
4.How long (in hours) does it take you to finish a program that you started from scratch?
5.Do you think that the chairs in the market are not optimised for use by programmers?
6.Do you find yourself frequently having to move about to get a reference book (or other things related with your programming / program?
7.Do you find that programming for very long hours can sometimes be a strain on your back?

Thank you very much for answering this survey.


  • 1) Every day! (well, most days)
    2) 6-12 hours
    3) different times - for assembly programs, usually much
    longer than programs in other lanugages.
    4) Small projects get done in a day or so, big ones can take
    weeks (even months).
    5) They could be better. They can get a bit uncomfortable
    when sitting for long periods of time.
    6) I don't move around to get stuff very often, but when I do,
    I've got to reach all over the place to get bits of paper and
    7) Yes. Strains my eyes aswell :(

  • : 1.Daily, at least.
    : 2.Three or four hours (My wife hates that)
    : 3.Twice as much as I spent writing it! (Been coding NexxOS)
    : 4.Haven't finished one in a long time. (Still writing NexxOS)
    : 5.If chairs were optimised for coding, they'd have built in cigarrette machines!
    : 6.Yes. No matter how prepared you think you are, you always need something you hadn't thought of. I aleviate this problem by using my laptop in a restaraunt, and keeping all reference materials on my HDD. This way, if I need something, I just flag down a waitress.
    : 7.No, again the laptop is the solution. This way you prop your head up on a rolled up jacke on the inside of the booth, lay down on the seat, and place the computer on your chest. It can get a little hot, but it is very comfortable.

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