Check this out...

[red][b]Hi all,

I've recently found a cool site with lots of usefull information that can be a great help to assembly coders and programmers in general.
I spotted this link somewere in Programmers Heaven but I don't recall were anymore.

But anyway, for instance, if you want to do an assembly code that displays a bitmap or jpg image on your screen but you don't know the format of how these images are build up than this site really has all information you need to profill your desire.
Please, do check it out and remember that we, assembly coders are simply the best (no reason to hide it, its just us being cool coders).

Ok, enouf, here's the URL:

You crazy kids have fun!!

:-) Basya Lanti (an old Amiga coder!) :-)[/red][/b]


  • ... Awsome!!!...
    I was looking for something like this for years!...

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