HTML script?

This is my first time being here and posting on this board, I know a site that I go often (which is

and what I'm interested is where can I find the script for that counter that they have underneath the big L. I dont know if I'm posting in the right topic or not, but its web design. If you hit f5 to refresh, you'll notice the numbers of online has changed.

Where could I find the source code? Is it static or dynamic?
I'm guessing its an HTML script, but I dont see in the HTML source.



  • Hi!

    This will almost certainly have to have been done with some form of CGI. I can't advise you on how to include such a figure on your own site, as I don't know what exactly you are trying to achieve here. But that one will have been done by checking how many people are online and printing the number out as part of the page.

    That's my best guess anyway!


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