graphical programming

Please help me,

I am a student right now and I want to make a product using Delphi 3.

To make it simple, I'll explain it as a game.

Consider that in the game there are 2 people fighting each other.

One is controlled by me using the mouse.

The other is a static object (man) meaning that he can't do anything to me.

If I disturb him (kick or punch), it could be at his head or at his chest, then

he should react based on the disturbance.

For example :

1. I kicked at his head, then he'll faint.

2. I kicked at his chest, then he'll scream.

3. I punched his head, he'll laugh.

4. I punched his chest, he'll step back.

Particularly, the problem is "OOP" and "drag and drop" but how to make both objects react

at the moment we drop it.

In fact, the object could be 20 or 30 and related each other.

Please tell me the idea. I used Delphi for just about 3 months.

Thank you very much.

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