I need some help on transfor a string to port...

: Hello,everybody! I need some help...

: I want to write a Delphi Program which will automatically ring up a telephone number and transfer a binary string(including all characters,for example: CHR(254)+CHR(49)+CHR(210) ...) to the receiving end as soon as the connection is established .

: Will anybody kindly tell me?

: 1. Whether there are any dialer components available ?

: 2. Wheher I can use the FTP components in the Internet Page of Delphi ( c/s version 3.0 )

:3.How to use OLEvariant type to transfer a string to port

:4.How to transfer the string CHR(254)+CHR(49)+CHR(210) to port,and one character isn't lost

: I will be thankful to you for help.

: Greetings


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