Can my visitor upload?

Hello, world!
My name is Dr. COM WIZ, the 13-year-old Qbasic game programmer/HTML programmer. I am working very hard on a website, currently. However, since it is still under mass construction, I can't invite you yet.
With the idea and subject of my website, I will need to have users upload thier files to me for viewing and eventual publishing. However, out of the 5 or 6 HTML tutorials that I have read, niehter of them taught me how to create this option!
I would use forms, but people won't only be sending text files, but programs and pictures, too. I tried viewing the source code of a WebMaster who has this option, but I wasn't able to understand it throughly. So, how do I do it? How do I create an upload option for my AOL website? Do I need to learn Java-Script for this, or can I use plain HTML?
This has been,
PS Thank you and goodnight!


  • nope, you need a little more then plain HTML for that.

    First of all, your server needs to support that, not sure if AOL does that :-(

    Secondly, you need some form of server side scripting, a CGI script, ASP, PHP ... your server needs to support that to.

    After that, you can find examples on the script itsself all over the web.

    Good luck

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