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We are looking for software project contracts.


  • : We are looking for software project contracts.
    Were looking for someone that can generate a software program that can be wizard based and it can generate a report from the information gathered by the wizard.

    When done the program will generate a report number for the report. Keep it's information and gather the info from all of the reports. When asked to generate a statistical report on, let's say reports on injuries it will generate stats on injuries etc.,etc. per classifications.

    Also we would like to be able to import pictures into the report (cut and paste, drag and drop, insert..whatever way).

    If you can do this we need the timeframe and cost to do this program. Program must be able to download from net and also have on floppy or cd to make copies. Must be windows friendly. Format of report should be Word, Txt etc. What do you recommend.

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