How to read your bootsector in buffer[512] ?

Who knows this

could you give me an example

Read your bootsector in buffer[512]

and put the text of your Operating System on screen

what I know is that:

The first 3 bytes have a jump to

some code.

The 4 byte till the 12 byte have the OEM name and the version numer

so this is 9 bytes long


  • Use the code i gave you to read 0,1,1 (usually bs of 1st partn)

    8 bytes starting at 4th byte is OEM name.

    will need to display by copying in buffer of 9 bytes (8 bytes + 1 for NULL)


  • : thanks

    great !

    if you can tell me what you're making, i could *really* help you...i've done my share of disk accesses . . . :)

    cheers !


  • He, that is cool

    I just want to experience with the bootsector

    for example displaying is message instead of

    windows95 or ms-dos on the screen

    Could you leave your email adress here

    So I can tell you more

    Maybe I could learn from you



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