How can i use shorter aliases to reuse html code...

I am looking for a way to just type in an aliase of a short line of code that will include a larger amount of html.
For example say and menu has to be on the left of every page. I would have to cut and paste the code into every page. Instead I wanna single out the menus code into a single file or something like that, then reuse it with a simple line of code at the beginning of all my pages. I appreciate any help.



  • Hi!

    Maybe you could use SSI if you have access to such a feature. You put a bit of HTML (like a comment) on your page. Then, when the page is served, the web server looks for the special directives and includes the HTML code out of another file. There are loads of tutorials on it out there....

    If you use Frontpage, it offers shared borders. I personally prefer the Dreamweaver offering, Library Objects. You edit one thing, your entire site is updated. This is done on your computer, so you don't need anything like SSI.

    If you're looking for something really powerful, try out PPWizard, avilable from:

    Hope this helps!


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