Use of 'Standard English'

Hi there,

I think we need some co-ordination from the members when it comes to posting their articles. It would be so nice if the people visiting the messageboards avoid the use of bad language and be nice to each other.


  • Hello

    I think we have to accept that the posts here will contain non-standard English, since this is an international site with visitors from US to China and we can't expect them to write perfect oxford English.

    Also we are all computer developers/engineers and therefore it is excused to not write in perfect English. I think its more important to write in a simple English language with simple terms that everyone can understand than using a complex language to avoid misstakes.

    But its not good if people is not good to each each other, if you find a message like that, then use the report button at the bottom of the emails to report the emails to me for possible removal.

  • Dear Webmaster,

    Indeed I agree with you over the fact that this is an international messageboard and hence we cannot expect everyone to speak 'Oxford Style English'.

    By bad language I mean swearing and NOT the perfect use of English. Anyway, I love this messageboard so I don't care :-)


  • If you see any swearing ,then just report the message as unsuitable by clicking on the report link at the bottom of the email and I will review and remove it.

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