C++ SQL AddRow and other things .. important!

BOOL DataGrid::SQL_Add(int Index)
DG_Row * Actual;
Actual = SelectRow (Index);
DG_Item * ActualItem = Actual->Items;

for (register int n = 0; n < Grid.NumColumns; n ++)
if (SQLBindCol (Datasource_SQLStatus,n+1,SQL_C_CHAR,ActualItem->Data,strlen (ActualItem->Data),NULL) != SQL_SUCCESS) return FALSE;
ActualItem = ActualItem->NextItem;

if (SQLSetStmtAttr (Datasource_SQLStatus, SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE, (void *) 1, 0) != SQL_SUCCESS) return FALSE;
if (SQLBulkOperations (Datasource_SQLStatus,SQL_ADD) != SQL_SUCCESS) return FALSE;

return TRUE;
I have a datagrid, and I want to use a row (DG_Row) to create a new Row in a Database. But the code above doesn't work. Could someone rearrange this code, or give me an example how to create a new row in another way ?

And could someone show me a fast way to edit fields in a database ?

It's very important, so please help me.


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