Php programmer needed!

I'm using php/mysl newspublisher script. It's a great script, but it needs a comment section to make it just perfect. The author has no immediate plans for version 2, and I need it modified with a comment feature.

In, I found a php comment script that can be intergrated with any php newspublisher script.

1. It can almost be an add-on script, but I have little experience with PHP so I would rather have someone more experienced fuse the scripts together.

2. Most newspublisher scripts include the author's name in the articles, e.g. Headline "by Roy Roberts." But in this particular script, this feature is missing and with no textfield in the admin section to enter the author's name. I would like this added.

3. In this script you can add an icon next to the Category. I wan't this feature removed.

4. Subcategory capability.

5. If it is possible without rewriting the script. I would like another level of access added. Authors will need their own password to post.

a. Level 3 will be restricted to post and edit in their assigned categories only. They are not allowed to delete any posts.

b. Level 2 authors can do all of the above, they are not allowed to delete anyposts, but they can post in every category.

6. Another configuration for number 4 that might save me $$ is to simply have an edited admin section with a different URL. Take out the delete option in the admin section, allow everyone to post articles in any category they like, and authors can only edit their own articles. There will be level 1 and 2 users only.

7. When the categories are displayed, there's an archive link below the headlines, I want this link moved to the full-story page instead, along with the "email to friend," "printer friendly," and the "comment" features.

1, 2, 3 is my main priority and I would like to have a separate quote for 1,2, 3 with or 4 or 6 or all.

If you're interested in this job, visit to bid on this project.

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