Two Questions for Symbol SPT 1700 users and Palm users in general.

Hi all,

I have an application where I am using 9 Symbol SPT 1700 Palm scanners to gather signatures for the delivery of various packages. I keep running into two “issues” and I am not really sure where to turn to find a solution. My first issue is that I would like to be able to do a real time piece count on individual boxes by scanning their unique PIN’s. Does anyone know of a program that can do that? My second “issue” is that if the scanners aren’t used for a while they eventually lose their charge and soon after their settings and my program are lost. Recovery from such a lose takes about 20-30 minutes for each scanner. Thus my question is this, is there anyway to “mirror” one palm to another such that all of the settings (like time, date, categories, programs, etc…) can be restored quickly? (A possible solution might be a backup program, but does that backup the settings as well?) Thank you for your help.

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