SHP Converter Needed

I'm a lamer at programming and I need someone to develop a working converter for Westwood's SHP file format, which they store inside their MIX files. They seem to have redeveloped these files lately so the old converter (made for the original C&C (pcx to shp and vice versa) no longer works on these new files.

If you have some spare time, and like a small challenge then please contact me by e-mailing me at

All the info I know:
SHP files are 'multi-layered' (I guess) graphic files that contain a series of very similar images that Westwood's games read and then extract from to place into games. They've got simple transparency colours. They use several set palletes (I think its 256) although the game runs in 16Mill. They also seem to have some form of compression on them.
They aren't 'renamed files', i.e. other graphical programs don't recognise them as 'anything'.

Can any one help?

John Beech

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