How do you remember a name???

Eeehzzzz People,
i'm making an Flash game and i want People to enter a name at the beginning of the game...
And the later on in the gam they see that name,
HOW the heck do you do that in flash???
Allrighty thanxxxx


  • Its Simple.
    First create a text window and select Text options to input.
    Then you type in a variable name.
    Then you create a new text window anywhere in your flash game.
    and select the Text options to Dynamic Text.
    Then type in the variable name.

    A sample? (Open this in flash)


  • hey there,

    1.first declare a variable which will contain your name
    2. when a user enters a name it gets stored into the variable
    3. when you call the movie in which you wnat to display the name you pass the value of this variable into the movie

    hope this works
    tell me if you need a fla file with a simple example


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