Message Tags.


been quite active in the delphi msg board, nice, btw, really like it...

I especially like the tags... though it would be nice to see that :) does the same as :-)

But the most important part of my question is this:

Often I paste code in my replies (or messages), but they are quite BIG!, so here's the proposal. I think it would be best to set that font size to Courier new, size 8, no font style.

Because I think this is just a bit too large


Respect from Holland,


(keep up the good work, though I don't like the FLASH pop-ups)


  • Hello

    I have reduced the size of the text when you use the code tags and I hope you like it. Or do you think its to small?


  • hehe... well...

    it's too small :(

    (sorry, hehe)

    try this:

    That's great! (tried it :) )


  • iI hope its better now.


  • : iI hope its better now.
    : [blue][italic][b]/WEBMASTER[/b][/italic][/blue]

    Yeah! It's great! Thanks man!


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