Check this out Releases an Alternative to Java; VirtualSellers Releases Version Five Of Its Proprietary TAME Pure Scripting Language

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, Inc. (OTCBB:VDOT), a developer and provider of software and technology used to automate and streamline Web and e-commerce applications, announced today that it has completed development of version five of its TAME(TM) software.

"TAME V" is now available for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web developers and networking programmers.

The new version of TAME(TM), is a faster, easier and more powerful version than its predecessors. This high-performance, platform-independent, server-side programming package is used to produce Web pages, Web-based applications and e-commerce applications. It serves as the "glue" between many Web-based platforms, languages and legacy systems including XML and XSL applications, and in the future, Microsoft's .NET.

As a leader in platform independence, TAME V can be deployed on Linux, UNIX or Windows NT. Its distinct advantage lies in reducing the complexity of accessing application programming interfaces (APIs), ODBC and most other file systems.

"TAME is the most productive Web development tool on the market," said Dennis Sinclair, Ph.D., president and CEO of VirtualSellers. "TAME's simplified language and the ability to use previously developed code makes transition seamless and requires minimal training."

TAME V simplifies how systems and software work together and requires 25 percent less code than Java Script. The smaller code package reduces the amount of space required for files to move through a network, reducing bandwidth usage.

Programming in TAME is consistent, requiring less programming time and a lower level programming skill set resulting in lower labor rates.

Its interfaces can eliminate bugs, errors and other programming flaws. At the core of the system is a concise, proprietary engine that provides the language interpreter and basic functionality.

"That means less overhead and a smaller memory footprint," said Sinclair. "TAME only employs what is required in an application, instead of redundant and unnecessary tools. The result is an efficient, but flexible software that makes loading easy, development fast and cost savings routine."

With these new enhancements on TAME V, lesser-skilled programmers can produce results immediately. If a unique or complex problem arises, an average C programmer can be brought in to identify and solve the problem. The solution can then be given to the script coders for manipulation.

TAME software also provides additional core functionality that is easily inserted into the language, allowing script programmers to tackle the application scripting and continue with the creative process to make the application attractive to the end-user.

The installation of TAME is very simple, utilizing fully automated standard installation software that is familiar to most Web-servers allowing for quick installation and configuration of the product. Once installed, no further action is required, except, perhaps, when adding any optional application modules.

TAME is based on objects and is extensible, so new objects or functions may be created in C or C++ and will result as an extension of the Web-server as dynamic libraries. This gives the TAME software unlimited flexibility and control. For the most part, the developers may replace or add objects, file routines, database access, or any other functions as they see fit, thus avoiding interface problems that invariably arise with other less flexible scripting languages. And any code developed as business rules, are now reusable among many applications, providing a greater and quicker return on investment.

TAME has the ability to converse with multiple databases on any platform, using ODBC connectivity. This eliminates the need for custom connections with custom software specific to those connections. And moving to another platform becomes a non-issue.

The new features of TAME V include:

-- Universal concepts found on APL, C++, Java and other scripting


-- "Flextype" Variables that are non-declarative, yet strongly typed.

-- Syntax checking.

-- Generalized arrays (arrays of arrays) have been implemented.

-- Session management allows for persistence of objects, variables

and page connections.

-- A configuration file allows for multiple instance control of


-- A configuration file allows for specific control of loading only

the required object modules.

-- Script library files that are loaded and parsed only once.

-- Script library files that reside in memory for faster access.

-- Support for XML and XSL for processing data and connectivity to

other XML systems. has two synergistic business units that develop solutions for its client base. As a provider of turnkey e-commerce solutions, the company combines Web-based and 800 inbound transaction processing.

The company's TAME (Tag Activated Markup Enhancer) software is a rapid application development language for Web/intranet/browser solutions. The software can be purchased on a license basis or used via ASIP (Application Services Infrastructure Provider). The Professional Services Group (PSG) provides solution-focused consulting, development and project management.

Visit VirtualSellers' Web sites at:

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Note to Editors: TAME is a trademark of Inc.


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