FF3 - HEX editing HELP!

Hi! I've always wanted to make my own trasnlation of FF3 to spanish and was looking around for some utilities. Then I found that FF3 US Editor program made by Yousei. I thought that it "was gonna be" the most cool FF3 editor ever but then I saw that he was not working on it anymore. I said "what the heck... let's try it". I liked the change dialog stuff and tried it out. But then when I had done some stuff until that part where you leave Narshe to go to Figaro I started to play to see how it was going... but then I noticed that the game restarted every time I went out of the town instead of going to the world map. Another thing is that I couldn't edit the dialogs where a certain character was (all the playable characters as Terra, Locke, Edgar and so on). Then I got an idea. I put a letter instead of the name (like Terra = A, Locke = B) and I could change the dialogs. Then I tried to change those letter with the real character value (Terra = 02, Locke = 03) and it worked. I could see the dialogs with their character and all but how's that I couldn't go to the world map? Another thing is that the FF3 US Editor let me writte more text as soon as it fet in the dialog box and that makes me think that maybe even if I could write more text with that think it could make an error that doesn't let me go out of the town because you can't write more text than the game has or at least that happened to me when editing Castlevania 2 for NES but I had to use a Hex Editor for the whole game. If anyone knows how to correct the problem or knows a good rom translator guy that could tell about my problem please write it here... thanks.
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