Visual C++ or Visual Basic

I am a first year computer science student. I have had a small amount of

programming experience- pascal at high school and an attempt at teaching

myself visual c++ from a book. I found that learning Visual C++ was extremely

difficult.As a result I have a sort of semi-understanding of C++ and the

basic concepts of programming and OOP. I am stuck in a boring job at the

moment and I would like to be able to write programs that are good enough for

people to buy over the internet, or alternatively get a job as a part time

Is it best to concentrate my efforts on learning Visual Basic programming

because it's simplicity makes it the only realistic way to write programs by

yourself? Or is it possible to self teach C++/Visual C++ up to the level of

being able to write programs that can be sold. My Computer science course

doesn't cover OOP or C or C++ until later years- just the basics of

programming this year.


  • Hello Developer.

    Are you interested in starting a company?

    Do you want your idea's, thoughts and views not only heard but intergrated into a project?

    Do you want to make a mark on the gaming world with a product you helped assemble?

    If you answered yes to 1 or more of these question's then look no further!

    Hello my name is Darcy im currently in the concept and partial recruitment stage of game design. i have a buisness plan organised but currently lack any funding what so ever in this regard i cannot pay you until after you have completed your task.

    Your task:~ Proof of concept, its whats needed to show Investors that we not only have the knowledge to develop a game with there money but we will also make them profit.

    We need a programmer to do a Mock proof of concept and then with support we will tweak it till it is considerd viable as a pitch to investor's. We need you to create a small chunk of world in that we can host some of the many gameplay mechanic's. Our game idea is to not only create a new style of mmorpg but to use psychology in order to develop player immersion.

    At the time i cannot tell you the concept or anything really about the game as im not sure you wish to help. Please reply ASAP with an answer to the following question,

    "Do you want to work with us?"

    Once we have heard from you we can begin working together, Hope to hear from you ^_^.

    Contact me on
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