3DFX programming in visual C++ 6

Does anyone know a web site where I can find source codes for 3DFX programming in visual C++


  • Use google if you want something, you'll find it easily but I suggest you not to learn to use Glide because it is dead

    try D3D or OpenGL instead

    Eddie "it won't fit" Brock

  • *dead* means that 3dfx was bought by GForce.

  • : *dead* means that 3dfx was bought by GForce.
    dead as Glide is dead
    who cares that nvidia bought 3dfx?
    who cares about S3?
    who cares about anycompany?

    I want a good product:
    I want full OpenGL and DirectX8 compliant cards, with perfectly optimized driver and a programmable GPU w/tile rendering (better use of fillrate), 4 pipe with 8 texture unit, voxel capable for dynamic background (read landscape), 128 bit color precision, loss less texture compression...

    and a blowjob

  • I only added that little bit because the new G-Force cards can use stuff that 3dfx patented. G-Force will be the king for a while.

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