PS2 Opcodes

Hello All,

Does anyone have the PS2 opcodes information? I would appreciate any in-depth information on the console itself. I'm an assembly programmer looking to try out a hobby project.

For all the "It is impossible to do" people out there:

I'm not looking to defeat the console itself. This is just something I wanted to try out. If it runs at 2 frames a second then I'd be happy with that accomplishment.

For those that are interested, here is my target system. I'm looking at something on the order dual processor, so I would dedicate 1 processor per PS2 processor. I'm not sure which processors yet, but I'm looking at Pent 4's instruction set to see if I can draw any parallels. I have been looking at the newly announced GeForce3's specs, which will likely have the best chance of working at moment. I'm going to probably make the emulator video card specific using nVidia's SDK to program the grpahics portion. ATI offers an SDK as well and I'll look into using that afterwards. I'm not sure if the Radeon will be fast enough, but I'll look into it.


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