Creating a text file/cookie/flag

Hi everybody.

Is it possible to create a text file on the remote computer using HTML? Basically it would be like placing a cookie on someone's computer when they visit my site except that I would like to place it somewhere else e.g. C:cookie.txt

Please help me with this urgent problem and I would be very gratful for your help.



  • To my knowledge it has been done through virus placed on cookies yet thats not really what your looking for...

    I do not think u can acheive this with HTML alone i would try java script or CGI personnally...


  • Hi!

    Another problem is that Netscape doesn't create individual cookies as files like IE. It has one big cookie file, rendering the cookie approach useless to you.

    CGI is a server side thing so that may not be of too much help. Javascript shouldn't really be able to get filesystem level access to my knowledge. The only way I can think of that'd work reliably may be a JAVA applet. That can write to disk local disks provided your users authorise it to do so.

    I presume you are wanting to do this with consent of course? ;-)

    Hope this is of some help!


    PS. Oh, and instead of a JAVA applet and ActiveX could work. But only in IE, not Netscape. JAVA is a better bet.

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