HELP! Wizards for Custom Applications

Please help me,

I want take my office forms (Word .docs and Excel Spreadsheets and convert them or import them into some sort of VBA "all-in-one" application - preferably a wizard which prompts the user to fill-out the form fields and enter data for spreadsheet calculations and in the end print out forms for customers (i.e. work orders, invoices, etc) and possibly send them by email and/or fax. I have also read a little about XML lately and I am wondering if there is a way to automatically write these forms in XML so that they may either be posted to an intranet or website or even accessed by cell phone (i.e. entering figures into a cell phone that go directly to their location in the .xls spreadsheet. - this however, is secondary to making the wizard application)

What I need is some online resources that will help me do this step-by-step. I have absolutley no programming experience, but I am technically-minded and a quick study.

Please, please help me with this. Please let me know if any of this is possible, and where I can get very explicit help from beginning to end.

Thank you so much.


P.S. I have already spent days on the net looking for answers to this, but cannot find something that goes step-by-step and is easy to understand - please send me some links - thanks again.

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