midi(or wav IF NECCISARY) in HTML

Ok im not really very good at HTML, i know what i need to know, and thats not much. Almost all of my pages are full "Flash-a-rama". So what i need is i want a fairly lengthy(1 minute 10 secconds) MIDI song to play in the backround of my page, i could import to Flash but thats gonna slow down my movie, alot. So if any of you HTML wizs know how to import MIDI to a page that qould be of great help to me. I dont want ot convert to wav but if i must.... Im sure theres another way though, iver heard midi on pages before. Also i need this to play while the movie is playing, it cant like play, and then kick into my movie. Thanks



  • Hi!

    To get a MIDI file to play you do something like this:-

    However, you want it to play when the movie has finished loading. This is a bit more tricky. I think that the trick here may be to use the OnLoad event of body...I don't THINK it triggers until the page has completely loaded (including the movie).

    You want to put this between the and tags:-

    And add this to your tag ():


    Finally, add this just at the start of the page underneath the line:-

    I hope this helps you!


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