I wrote a code that is supposed to draw a diagonal line in graphical

mode with the line equation y=2x+5, to draw the line I substituted values

for x that range between 0 to 50, ex. after substiuting x for 1st time

we'll get (0,5). then i call a procedure that will draw that dot, but

at the running time i get a single dot and i really don't know why,here's

my code, any help will be really great.Thanks in advance

data_seg segment

x dw ?

y dw ?

data_seg ends


code_seg segment

main proc far

assume ss:stack_seg,cs:code_seg,ds:data_seg

mov dx,data_seg

mov ds,dx

mov bl,50

mov x,0

aa: mov ax,2

mul x

add ax,5

mov y,ax

call drawd

inc x

dec bl

cmp bl,0

jg aa

mov ah,4ch

int 21h

main endp

drawd proc near

mov ah,00 ; service to change mode

mov al,12h

int 10h

mov ah,0ch ; draw a picel dot

mov al,6

mov bh,0

mov cx,y

mov dx,x

int 10h


drawd endp

code_seg ends

end main

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