Suggestion: Sell user programs

This site is cool, but I have a suggestion: You should dedication a small section to user-created programs (shareware). To make it worthwhile you could take a commission or something. The intent of this site is to learn, right? Well, after we learn all this and create programs, we need a way to sell them!!! I have like 10 complete games. Thanks.


  • Hello

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I belive that if you have made some games you should try to submit them to the more mainstream archives like simtel, winfiles and other shareware archives because you will get more and better exposure/sales there.

    I will add your request to my "todo" list and we see what will happen with it and in what shape that could turn into, but I can't promise you anything right now.

    Also, have you considered joining ??


  • If you want to distribute your software, here is a
    nice free utility you might want to check out:

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