Please Help!!!!!!!!

Easy People,

I need to know how to extract a single Character fro the string. At the moment the code moves the pointer to the third character along. so it shows "LO WORLD".

I need to be able to grab a single cha from the string.

Any ideas people ?

Thanks (code below)

char *Stcpy(char *dst, char *src)


char *p = dst;

while ((*p++ = *src++) != '')


return dst;


void main()


char *source= "HELLO WORLD";

char dest[80];


printf("I have %s



  • All you need to do is think of the string not as a single variable on it's own, but as an array of individual characters.

    For instance, if you put this in your main function:

    printf("%c", source[6]);

    it would display:


    I hope that helps!

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