Deriving a value using SQL


I'm trying to develop an SQL statement that will help me derive a value from values already existing in my database.

I have four tables.

tblProducts -- Which has
itemID shortDesc

tblInventory --
invID itemID itemQty

orderID orderName orderAddress orderFilled

opID, orderID, itemID, orderQty

I think all of the fileds are self explanitory with the exception of orderFilled, which is a bool and is only true if the products have already been sent out.

When a product is sent out, the quantity is subtracted from tblInventory.itemQty.

What I need to derive is a pendingQty for each item. That is the quantity that is presently on hand minus that which has been ordered but not filled. I can't seem to come up with an SQL statement that will give me what I'm looking for. I'm sure I just need to SUM(itemQty) ORDER BY itemID, but from there I'm lost.. Thanks in Advance..



  • Hello,

    : What I need to derive is a pendingQty for each item. That is

    Here is one possible solution for your problem:

    select itemId, sum("qty")
    from (select ti.itemID, ti.itemQty "qty"
    from balage_tblInventory ti
    union all
    select top.itemId, -top.orderqty "qty"
    from balage_tblOrders tor, balage_tblOrders_products top
    where top.orderID = tor.orderID
    and tor.orderfilled = 0
    group by itemId

    I had no time to test it. I hope it works. :-)


  • try:

    select itemID, itemQty-isnull(TotalOrderedQty,0) pendingQty from ( select A.itemID, A.itemQty, B.TotalOrderedQty from
    (select itemID, sum(itemQty) itemQty from tblInventory group by itemID) as A
    left join
    (select itemID, sum(orderQty) TotalOrderedQty from tblOrders_Products where orderID in (select orderID from tblOrders where orderFilled=0)
    group by itemID) as B
    on A.itemID=B.itemID )
    as C
    order by itemID

    orderFilled=0(means false) is T-SQL expression, if you use other DBMS, it should be changed accordingly.

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