Structure of MCB

Can someone tell me the structure of an MCB, or where

I can find this info


  • A MCB (Memory Control Block) is "introducing" a DOS memory block.

    It consist of 16 bytes (1 paragraph) situated at offset 00h-0Fh of a

    segment. The first byte is describing if there's another

    MCB following (offset 00h='M') or if it's the last one (offset 00h='Z').

    The word value at offset 03h describes the length of the following memory

    block in paragraphs, so the MCB describes a memory block at


    and the next (if any) MCB starts at


    The segment of the very first MCB is saved at offset -02h in the "list of lists".

    You'll get the adress of the list in ES:BX using INT 21 function 52h

    The segment of the memory block (normally a PSP) which this memory block belongs to

    is saved at offset 01h. Other values may occure there such as

    0000h = free

    0008h = belongs to DOS

    At offset 08h to 0Fh the first eight chars of the executable file

    will be saved.

    MCB structure copied from Ralf Brown's Interrupt List:

    Format of DOS memory control block:

    Offset Size Description (Table 1314)

    00h BYTE block type: 5Ah if last block in chain, otherwise 4Dh

    01h WORD PSP segment of owner or special flag value

    03h WORD size of memory block in paragraphs

    05h 3 BYTEs unused by MS-DOS (386MAX) if locked-out block, region start/prev region end

    08h 8 BYTEs DOS v4.0+ ASCII program name if PSP memory block

    or DR DOS UMB, else garbage

    null-terminated if less than 8 characters

    for further informations get Ralf Brown's Interrupt List!


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