What is SQL?

I know this may sound kind of dumb but what is SQL? What is it used for?


  • : I know this may sound kind of dumb but what is SQL? What is it used for?

    It is as complex a question as to ask what the Matrix is. :o)

    Anyway, I try to answer your question in few lines.

    The SQL is the abrevation of Structured Query Language.
    Structured: so you can produce easy-to-read, easy-to-handle queries on a database.
    Query: a query is a question stated against a database. The result is the answer for the question.

    This was the first intention of the SQL, but now it is much more. The task mensioned above is called DML (Data Manipulation Language), that is for the manipulating (quesing, deleting, inserting, updating) the information in a database. The other task is managing the database itself (creating, deleting, modifying tables, indexes, etc.), that is handled by the DDL (Data definition Language).

    The greatest advantage of the SQL is:
    - Well standardizied: most of the language definition is a standard and all the database servers supports them;
    - Easy to write or understand syntax
    - Greate expressive power

    That's for short. Of course, a more detailed answer would reqire a whole book... BTW, if you are really interested, try this kind of source also! There are lots of good books... :-)


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