Help needed with setting to protected mode.

I've checked every text file and little demo program

I could find everything I needed to know except one

thing... what REALLY needs to be done after setting the

protected mode bit to 1? I know a JMP is used to flush

the CPU but every document uses a different way. Some

say just a regular jump is needed, others say a far jump

is required. In one demo (which I probably found on this

website) says "do a far jump (load both CS and IP/EIP)

to enter protected mode (load CS with the code segment

selector). Now doing a far jump makes more sense to me

but how can it be done? How do you load the code segment

selector into CS? My selector in the GDT points to 0x10

for my code segment... but how do I implement this into

the jump?

This is just a little project of mine... trying to set

into protected mode, write some text to the screen and

then hang...

Thanks in advance for any help...



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