please ignore my post below, however....

I have decided to try perl. And my first thing I'm trying is part of a mailing list. I'm trying to make a simple webpage that asks for your email address and them takes you to a page that says "You have subscribed to Neandrake's mailing list using the email address $subscribedemail". This isn't working. In my perl program(mailinglist.cgi) it goes like this:

use CGI;
#create an instance of the CGI object
$cgiobject = new CGI;
#grab the values submitted by the user
#output HTML header to web browser
print $cgiobject->header;
#evaluate data, output appropriate message
print "";
print "

print "You have just subscribed to Neandrake's mailing list as $subscribe";
print "";

I'm pretty sure the settings are correct(running windows 98, using drive f and all dirs are correct), but when I use the page:

Your email?

It just displays the contents of the perl script(mailinglist.cgi).

What am I doing wrong?

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