Heres the story of the frog Harry and his tendency to jump
Now Henry lived in a pond, and like all frogs he enjoyed to jump. Also like
most frogs he enjoyed jumping on some miss frog, but that was mostly in
springtime. (You may not know it, but this it why we say spring/time.
Everybody are litterally sprining and jumping all over the place.)
Like all good frogs he jumped in parables. Now Harry did not learn math in
frog school, he just jearned to quack and that was that (except a few
lessons in jumping on miss frogs, but that was later). He has the parabel in
his genes. Now I want to get him to jump om my mac to see how his
parabel-performance is.
So I tried to define a parabel to make him behave like I wanted, but no
luck, I must regret to say.
My selfesteem is dropping below pondbottom level, because as to math I am
not smarter that a frog.

Harrys new jumping excercise parabel should start at point (x,y)=
100,-450 and curve nicely up till piont 150,-100 and then slide back to
point 200,-450.

He jumps on a 14 inch monitor and that is located in the lower right of the
coordinate system.
I tried and I tried to make a parabel formula on the template
y = ax*x+bx+c
and the ony thing I was sure of was that a > 0 because the screen has 0.0 in
the top left and max.max in the right bottom. So it really is no coordinate
system anyway.

on move (the mouse clicks and the frog makes a trying step into the air)

global x
global y

put (x)*(x) + 5*x + 600 into y

set the loc of sprite 1 = point(x, y )
put x+2 into x

This does make a parabel, but it is partly outside the screen. It is not
high enuf either.
How to type x*x as x2, you know?

I am inte the world of variables in Director and when the equasion is right
I have to add it into the x,y positions on the screen.
Also I need to know how to move the jumping right and left. If I put the
locH and locV into the equasion it destoys my first working one

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