I really HATE this messageboard system.

Webmaster: GET A CLUE.

Why do you persist in using this idiosyncratic, feature-lacking board and CONTINUE to add WORTHLESS rules like *requiring* an email address, banning unoffensive words like "s uck" (notice how easy it is to undermine?), and requiring a minimal messagelength. Worse, these crazy rules aren't even POSTED so you have to guess and check to see if certain words are banned or not.

You obviously have no experience in messageboard systems, or how to run them, so why don't you visit OTHER boards and see how they do it? Better yet, how about getting a better board system like the ones featured on www.cgi-resources.com/? Most of the free ones operate better than this half-assed board. Why waste your time building this board with features already existing in other boards? Have you even TRIED them or do you still cling to the notion that everything running from VB script is somehow better?

Get a f ucking clue!



  • I am working on improvements right now and
    for example the requiring an email address have
    not been required for some days now, the minimum
    messagelength have also been removed.

    Displaying a list of the banned words is a good ide and
    I will keep that in mind.

    I will not change messageboard because I want my
    messageboard to be compatible with my site's current
    database and getting a board like UBB or wwwthread
    won't work. So, that's why I have to make one my self.

    If you have more ideas on improvements , then please
    let me know.


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