Find first matching file, PLEASE HELP ME

I am trying do make a program that find a file that I type in, and I used INT 21h with ah=4eh. Now what I don't understand is this DTA (Data Transfering Area)-thing in which the INT 21 stores the information about this file. Where is it located, how do I access it.

One more thing. I know that you should put the attribute of the file that you want to find in cx but how do I do to find all files, ignoring the atrribute. Do I put 8 in cx or what. Please help me!!


  • The DTA is located at cs:[80h] (or is it cs:[81h]?) and the code:

    ;Try all possible attributes
    xor cx,cx
    push cx
    call FindFirst
    pop cx
    inc cx
    test cx,cx
    jne Again

    Might be confusing, but WORKS!

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