Making a TSR Keyboard and Joystick Remapper?

I am in need to create a TSR program that will allow remaping of keyboard keys, joystick inputs, and possibly other input devices. For instance... setting up 'J' to equal F9 would trigger the F9 key whenever the 'J' key is pressed, or setting up (Joystick button 3) to equal 'S' will trigger the 'S' key whenever button 3 is pressed on the joystick. How can I create this and make it a TSR so it will allways continue running. It must be a TSR so it will work while executing other programs. An old video game with no joystick options would be a good example. Mapping keys to the joystick would be nessecary. If possible, I would like my program to work under a DOS and Windows environment. If not... I will just write two different versions (Dos and Windows). I am in very desperate need of creating this program. Is it possible..? I have not written any TSR programs before, but I am decent to program in C and C++. Can someone send me a few pointers to get me in the right direction. Any help is very much appreceated. :) Thanks.

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