what to do with : Warning: ..... inherits ..... via dominance

I saw this example of dynamic dispatch and polymorphism in c_scene issue 8

class Printable {
virtual void print()=0
class Caller:private virtual Printable {
void print_it(){print();}
class PrintText1:public void Printable {
virtual void print(){cout<<"Text1"}
void print_caller(Caller &obj) {
int main() {
class Text : public Caller, public PrintText1{};
Text text;
return 0;

After linking Iget the message:
warning main::Text:inherits PrintText1::print via dominance

Questions : I don't really understand the meaning of this specific warning. Is it something I can disregard or is it a potential serious problem and how to solve it?

Thanks and (almost) happy newyear, greetinx from Winnitou

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