NEVER HEARD OF IT. What is an emulator?


  • : NEVER HEARD OF IT. What is an emulator?

    Being a bit of a retrofreak myself (although not old enough to remember the Sinclair or Atari), I think I'll explain it.

    An emulator is a program which copies the system architecture of a games console and lets you play old games for that particular emulator on something which isn't a console (e.g a PC). You more often than not get the games (ROMS) free.

    If you're interested in emulators, then visit www.emurater.com for loads of links, emulators and ROMS (for free!!).

    Why don't you visit my website? www.rounds.fsworld.co.uk/VEBPRO.htm (it has nothing to do with emulators, but stuff to do with programming).

    See ya later
    (:---Dodgy Del Boy---:)

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