Weird DirectX problems

For some strange reason, all of a sudden my graphics are blitting weird. The weirdest thing is probably that not all of my graphics are doing it. Anyway, my graphics are anti-aliasing which causes some major problems with my transparency (color keying). I thought it might be my graphic loader but it's not. I made a DX surface from scratch and blitted it to the screen and it still did it. But like I said, all my surfaces aren't doing it. I can't even begin to figure out the problem. It used to work fine but, after not working on the game for a little while, now it's doing this.


  • I found the problem (kinda). It was caused by the graphics being resized when blitted. The strange thing is it's never done that before. Usually when I resize it, it just resizes, it doesn't blend the colors or anything.

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