Is anyone interested?

I was wondering if anyone out their could help me.
You see i am a writer and a bit of an artist, i have just got
delphi 3 from a friend but am not doing well and have had a really hard time finding tutorials that would help me.
I wan to make stratergy, godgames and RPG's (if i can?).
If anone could help or would like to work on some projects with me then i could do with some help.
I am always coming up with ideas so if your in need of one or would like to help me develope one give me an e-mail and maybe we can help each other.



  • I'm looking for someone to start some games project
    first project : RPS(Role playing strategy) somethin like warcraft 3
    i want to start workin as fast as i can
    programming languages accepted : Delphi but i think we shoud work in vc6 .
    mail me if interested

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