how to give the best site with some message!

Hello all,

Can you pl. suggest me how to develop the website with best which contains animation etc.

how to choose the layout for a website?

What are the procedure when we have to develop the website?

Pl. tell me



  • In my opinion, the best way to bring attention to your audience with animation is to use Macromedia Flash.

    You can do so much with it and its fairly easy to learn too.

    People will argue the case that this isnt the best way to go because the viewer must have the Flash plugin in order to see you Flash created site. Well I think that if by now a person does not have a browser about version 4 that has the plugin included then they should not be on the net at all.

    As for design. Sit down and think about how you would like to see a page when you visit it and what you would like to expect for a page when you go there.

    Think of you content and what people will look at first. Make that stand out.

    Then draw on paper a draft of how you are going to do it. Add, change and edit till you get what your looking for then go to work and yopu should get a nice looking page.

    Here is the URL to a Flash site im working on. (not yet finished. More to be added soon)

    See ya


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