The board was pretty bad before, but now it's even worse.

Why the hell did you remove auto quoting? To conserve space? Sheesh, what the hell were you thinking? Put it back because it really makes this board suck harder than it has in the past.

Are you ever planning on replacing the "your message has been posted" page with something *other* than the default page in Matt's WebBBS board which this one is based off of? (Word of note: Matt's WebBBS is probably the oldest messageboard system on the net, and quite possibly the most inferior messageboard in existence).

I should open up my own site with some *quality* messageboards, not some dumpy VBscript running on WinNT of all things.



  • Hello

    The quote feature will be back very soon. I wanted to make it optional instead of always on. Check back within 2 days.


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